New Car Drawings

Ads appear on a page. You view them and review the websites they promote. We give you entries into drawings for chances to win a BRAND NEW CAR!

GBBG Points

When you view ads and review websites, you also get GBBG Points. Every month, our network of earnings sources exchange your points for bitcoins.

Website Traffic

Do you have a website you want to promote? Submit your ad to our system and thousands of people will visit your site every day. Only $5 for MASSIVE website traffic!

IWANTACAR is part of the GBBG network of online earning sources.
We want YOU in our Bitcoin network!

Are you a great person who is motivated and ready to accelerate your earnings? Are you willing to try new technology and tell others about it? Do you have some time to review videos and new websites? If you are introduced to revolutionary, life-changing services, would you help spread the word to others? If so, we want YOU in our Bitcoin earning network!

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Do you know anyone who would like to earn bitcoins for testing new technology, reviewing videos and websites, and other fun activities? If so, you can earn MORE bitcoins by telling others about GBBG? We will provide you a referring link that you can share with anyone you wish. If they join the GBBG network and begin earning points, you earn bitcoins based on their points too!

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Do you know anyone that would like to get FREE bitcoins?
3 Profit Sharing Pools

Can we share our profits with you? If it is OK with you, we would like to set asside a portion of our profits into 3 different profit sharing pools. Then, we will distribute these profits to our members based on their share of the total points in the network. The more points you earn each month, the more profits you could receive.

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Would you mind earning more bitcoins when your referrals bring additional referrals to the GBBG network? If you don't mind, you will earn MORE bitcoins based on the points earned by your referrals, and their referrals, seven levels deep. Every referral is placed into a forced 3x7 Matrix. You will be rewarded additional bitcoins based on the points earned by every person in your Matrix genealogy. NOTICE: This is not an MLM because nobody is required to spend money and nobody earns based on the spending of those in their Matrix genealogy. Everyone earns based on their POINTS and the POINTS earned by people in their Matrix genealogy.

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3x7 Forced Matrix
This is not an mlm

Bitbillions is a unique business opportunity. Some may confuse us with MLM, Network Marketing, or even try to say this is a Pyramid. However, it is impossible to say this because no member is required to spend anything at all in order to earn points. Nobody earns based on their spending or the spending of those in their Matrix genealogy. Everyone earns based on their POINTS and the POINTS earned by people in their Matrix genealogy.

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